About Pat Scanlon

About Pat Scanlon

Bringing a wealth of senior executive expertise to digital businesses (or those needing to be digital) Pat specializes in technology crisis, turnarounds or insolvency situations where he applies his 30 years of process improvement and team building expertise to get results.  

Pat has amassed a wide skill set via work in companies ranging from online software to commercialization of intellectual property in startups and varied roles such as VP & General Manager of USA TODAY High School Sports.  In addition, while serving as a Director of Interactive Marketing, he developed early Internet strategies for international divisions of Kraft & Ford for J. Walter Thompson Advertising.  Pat has also served as a Board Member focusing on digital organizational restructuring for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and as a Chief Technology Officer and Senior Executive for Australia’s first dot-com startup where he directed development & product teams.

As an independent consultant, Pat now performs engagements where he has helped a number of AdTech, manufacturing and software companies nationwide.  His recent projects have included responsibility for the development of new technologies and business strategies for a major Seattle media company, providing litigation support for the monetizing of intellectual property (patent) assets of a major digital advertising technology company now in receivership and developing technology, data, and digital marketing implementations for a major online pet retailer.

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